Fifth Week of Techno February 05, 2016 15:23

Normally, on a Friday, you'd be sat down, digesting the latest in-depth interview with one of the 12 Weeks of Techno guests with a nice cup of tea and a bourbon biscuit (or eight! LOLoutLOUD). This is not a normal week, though, and for reasons that are none of your fucking business, there will be no interview with one of the 12 Weeks of Techno guests today. Upside down smiley face.

You might get today's intended interview at some point next week though. Winking smiley face.

So, today, let's take a look at what you can expect from tomorrow's 12 Weeks of Techno night; Scuba's fifth Week of Techno at XOYO; home of Scuba's 12 Weeks of Techno residency in London; home of XOYO. Now.


Tomorrow night sees Scuba joined in the Main Room by Nicole Moudaber and Fur Coat, with Warm keeping things ticking over in Room 2. Now, if I was Nicole or Scuba, for a laugh, I'd definitely wear a fur coat in the club and put the Fur Coat boys off in the middle of their set by jumping around at the side of the DJ booth whilst pointing at my fur coat in an over-the-top manner and sticking my tongue out. If it puts them off enough for them to train-wreck a mix, even better, because it's that kind of banter that makes Britain Great.

So, look out for Scuba or Nicole Moudaber wearing a fur coat tomorrow night. It's going to be fucking brilliant.

Information hereAdvance tickets are now sold out. Tickets will be available on the door from 9pm on the night of the show...


Tonka and Ryan Elliott January 29, 2016 00:06

Tomorrow night sees Scuba joined at XOYO by Kenny Larkin, Ryan Elliott and Love Glove in Room 2. Name me a better line-up in London tomorrow night (tickets available here).

You can't.

I literally jumped at the chance to interview Ryan Elliott when I was given it. I jumped so high that I almost broke the copper effect Habitat lampshade in the kitchen. I quickly drafted up the best questions I'd ever written in my life and submitted them to Ryan's eager inbox. He was kind enough to respond within 24 hours.

Here's the transcript:

Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name Ryan Elliott, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A. I am a DJ / Producer / Remixer from Detroit, now living in Berlin since 2009. I am a resident at Berghain and Panorama Bar, and mixed Panorama Bar 06.

Q. Why did you choose the moniker, Ryan Elliott, as a DJ name? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like a proper DJ (DJ Ryan Elliott), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Yeah Detroit (DJ Yeah Detroit) or Mix Master (DJ Mix Master)?
A. I never thought "DJ" before my name, or a totally different DJ name ever really fit for me. It was just more natural to use my real name. It's funny - I get asked quite often if Ryan Elliott is my real name, or my DJ name.

Q. Have you decided on what clothes and eau de toilette you'll be wearing for your gig at the 12 Weeks of Techno thing with Scuba at XOYO (tickets available here) tomorrow night yet?
A. Haven't decided yet. I usually just throw some cloths in my bag 5 minutes before I leave for the airport.

Q. What track are you most looking forward to playing on Saturday night?
A. The new Shred LP by Skee Mask on Ilian Tape is great. I'll play a few from that for sure.

Q. Open or closed hi-hat?
A. Closed. Nice and tight!

Q. Is there any way on earth you can explain this Wikipedia embed when I Google you?

A. WOW. I have no explanation for this. But it seems Maxi Priest has a lot of explaining to do to me!

Q. Having been a resident at Berghain for so long, does it annoy you when you play in places like XOYO now and there aren't people sat on the floor asking you to piss in their mouths when you go to the toilet?
A. Well for the record, no one has ever asked me that in Berghain. I honestly like playing to all different crowds. I love seeing how the same song can get very different reactions in different cities or environments.

Q. What's your favourite Scuba song?
A. Flash Addict.

What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Ryan all the very best of luck for tomorrow night and think kind thoughts for all of his future endeavours. It looks like he's flying straight to Berghain after XOYO, so I hope he gets a bit of kip on the plane.



Tonka and Kowton January 22, 2016 09:54

If you change the "K" to a "C" and add another "w", you'd get the name, "Cowtown". Thankfully, Kowton didn't call himself Cowtown because I honestly don't think they'd take him seriously down Berghain with a name like that. Kowton reads a lot better and makes him sound ominous, which is what you want in Kowton's line of business. Cowtown would have taken him no further than the end of his road, I'm afraid.

Kowton plays tomorrow night's 12 Weeks of Techno back to back with Peverelist, so Scuba told me to go and interview him/create some promotional online content (and to put any expenses on the company credit card). I put my best black t-shirt on and went to meet Kowton in a dark and dingy warehouse in Northolt. Bored looking androgynous models were wall-flowering to the sounds of Sebastian Komor and X-Marks The Pedwalk. I affected a nonchalant manner and pretended to enjoy the cigarette I'd sparked up. I didn't even look Kowton in the eyes!

Here's the transcript:

Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name Kowton, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A. My name's Joe Cowton, I live in London, everyone thinks I'm from Bristol but I'm not. I run a label called Livity Sound with Peverelist and produce and DJ music that sits somewhere between techno and UK soundsystem music. Fuck knows why. 

Q) Why did you choose the moniker, Kowton, as a DJ name? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like a proper DJ (DJ Kowton), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Da Grasmere Prince (DJ Da Grasmere Prince) or Bassline Scientist (DJ Bassline Scientist)?
A. Years ago, I used to go by the name Narcossist and no one could pronounce or spell it. I got fucked off with that so I swapped the "C" in Cowton for a "K" and got Kowton. People still spell it wrong but that's more their fault than mine, I feel.

Q. Have you decided on what you’re wearing for your gig at the 12 Weeks of Techno thing with Scuba at XOYO (tickets available here) tomorrow night yet?
A. I read a Rick Owens interview where he said he had 50 black t-shirts and just rotated those, which sounded good, so I went to Uniqlo and bought 15 black t-shirts to wear everyday. That was about 6 months ago and I like it, life as a cut-price imitation is working out well.

Q. What kind of music can punters expect to hear from a Kowton and Peverelist back to back set? Do you tend to play differently b2b as opposed to solo sets?
A. Yeah, there's more of a dynamic of Tom playing the deeper bits and me drawing for the heavier tracks. I think b2bs are always a bit less coherent but then maybe that makes them more interesting. There's a tendency to repeat the same mixes if you're playing solo - Tom always plays weird shit I've never heard before, so there isn't much chance of that in the b2bs.

Q. Is Peverelist your best friend?
A. I'm not even sure we're friends tbh. More just trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience where he has to do all the boring stuff and I talk to promoters if he gets in a sulk.

Q. Eight bar snare-roll with cymbal crashes on four of the last beats before the breakdown or sixteen bar rising hoover noise?
A. Hoover every time. Crashes are so 2013.

Q. What’s your favourite Scuba song?
A. The Surgeon remix of Ruptured. Been playing that one since it came out.

Q. How much money did you make from Spotify in 2015?
A. Shite all. Maybe got a couple of gigs off the back of the RA news story though, so cheers Spotify. I know you mean well really.

Q. Do you have anything else to say in your defence?
A. Nah, guilty. Take me away.

What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Kowton all the very best for tomorrow night's back to back gig with Peverelist down XOYO (tickets available here) and kind thoughts for all of his future endeavours.



Tonka and Jimmy Edgar January 15, 2016 11:16

I tramped around Detroit City Centre for ages and couldn't find a Wetherspoon's. I looked all the way down Woodward Avenue, around the main streets of Hamtramk, and all over Dearborn Heights, but there was no Wetherspoon's to be found. Talk about Panic In Detroit! LOLoutLOUD. Thank God for Irish pubs. They're in every town centre in the...fuck me, this is one of the worst intros I've ever written. Let's try again...

Jimmy Edgar is one of my favourite producers. He never ever disappoints behind the wheels of steel (DJ decks) and I'm happy x 10 to be able to interview him ahead of his guest slot at tomorrow's 12 Weeks of Techno with Scuba down XOYO (tickets available here). We sat down together, but separately, and connected via electronic mail. Here's the transcript:


Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name Jimmy Edgar, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?

A. Luckily I don’t have to do this anymore because anyone could type my name in their phone and find a loads of information and social media, you can make your mind up for yourself by that.

Q. Why did you choose the moniker, Jimmy Edgar, as a DJ name? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like a proper DJ (DJ Jimmy Edgar), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Detroit Explosion (DJ Detroit Explosion) or Dancefloor Master (DJ Dancefloor Master)?

A. I never really thought about it. Jimmy Edgar has always been my name. It's officially James, but not even my friends or family have ever called me that. I’ve used other names in the past, its just something that stuck since the days I was releasing on Warp.

Q. Have you decided on what you’re wearing for your gig at the 12 Weeks of Techno thing with Scuba at XOYO (tickets available here) tomorrow night yet?

A. Well, I’m going to wear a shirt with a scuba diver on it because I know Paul loves Scuba diving so much…he will be very happy. Might bring my snorkel too.

Q. Are there any tracks that you know for certain you’ll be playing tomorrow night, or is it always a 100% spontaneous performance?

A. It's always spontaneous but there's always a few tracks I circulate in any given time. Right now I am playing King Cheetah’s Endurance EP a lot.

Q. Clap or snare?

A. Depends for what purpose. I normally like the frequency range of claps because they symbolize excitement and party, it makes you think of synchronized clapping and that just works very well. I always used snares in less conventional ways, on off beats or during build ups. They both have a very special purpose when I am producing. Hard to discriminate but my music is very clap heavy.

Q. I’ve always described your music as sounding like the feeling you get whilst looking at a high definition Fox’s Glacier Mint through a supermodel’s binoculars. Is there anybody else in dance music with cleaner sounding productions than you?

A. That's a great description. Jackson Fourgeaud once said my music is like Detroit moisturizer, I always loved that description too. I have not found anyone making as clean and precise music as I do, especially working on my new album...the lengths I go for each sound is very far to get what I need. I have become more and more detailed as life goes on. I would say an exception is SOPHIE, after working with him in the studio, he definitely is someone that uses the same amount of focus...and we both like sounds that excite, snap, crack and pop. If I like a sound I will work with it for hours and bring it through all sorts of hardware. Its not unusual for me to find a sound, record on my MPC60, bounce through API preamps, sculpt it with 2 or 3 lunchbox EQ, record digitally and sculpt further. The lunchbox processing is essential for the sound to carry the intended weight. I also take out all unnecessary sounds by the end, anything below a certain DB, I erase so there's a good balance of silence.

Q. Creepy Autograph is one of my all-time favourite pseudonyms, generally. Do you have any plans to ever resurrect the name?

A. Well, it was a project with me and friends, so the members were always circulating. I just released a mix of unreleased material.

Nobody really shows interest in this material unless they are into the Detroit electro sound of the 90s. For us it was just fun to use vintage equipment because the sounds are so nice. Perhaps one day we can do an archive release...there's so much material.

Q. What’s your favourite Scuba song?


Q. My Nanny Kath doesn’t have a clue about what I do for a living. She still hasn’t properly read the Weekly Review of Dance Music, she won’t go near any of my Tonka’s Week articles and when I asked her last week, she said she’d never even heard of a Hotflush. What do your older relatives make of your job?

A. My mom loves it and she watches very closely what I do.  We were separated for over 20 years so she watched from afar but now we have a great relationship. She was inspirational in my early years so it makes sense. To be honest, I am estranged from most of my family...


What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Jimmy good luck for tomorrow night and extend the good wishes to all of his future endeavours. Like he suggests, if you still don't know who he is, get on Google and type in the words, "Jimmy Edgar". He dominates the first few dozen page results.



Tonka and Trevino January 08, 2016 15:27

I flew to whichever country Trevino was in the other day to sit down and talk with him about tomorrow night’s guest slot at Scuba’s 12 Weeks of Techno residency at XOYO. We met in a beautiful little café on the Southside of town, overlooking the river, the hustling, bustling high street and the nearby broken down church. We chatted for at least five minutes. Then, I flew back to London to write it all up. It’s great being me.


Here’s the transcript:


Q. Is your real name Trevor?

A. No, but you can call me Trev if you like….

Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name Trevino, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?

A. I am Marcus, a drum & bass DJ that likes to masquerade as a house/techno DJ under the name, Trevino. I do it because I get bored playing drum & bass all the time, so it’s kind of like my hobby to do something a little slower.

Q. Have you decided on what you’re wearing for your gig at the 12 Weeks of Techno thing with Scuba at XOYO (tickets available here) tomorrow night yet?

A. T-shirt and jeans. Probably all black as that’s techno de rigueur. Also maybe a jumper and a rain jacket for the journey as I hear the UK is a little cold (it’s freezing – Tonka) and wet right now. Will I need wellies? (Yes – Tonka)

Q. You’re playing all night tomorrow. What kinds of tunes can the punters expect to hear if they stick with you for the full seven hours?

A. Seven?? I thought it was six. I’m only contracted to do six so there could be an hour of silence at the end, actually maybe in the middle; I could stop and have a lunch break??? Anyway, I guess some new techno stuff, some old techno stuff and some houseier stuff, perhaps…all reasonably deep; nothing too poncy and absolutely nothing cheesy. Also, maybe an hour or so of ambient shit at the beginning to keep it chilled.

Q. How did this gig come about for you? Was playing all night your suggestion, Scuba’s or was it something that XOYO wanted to programme as a good series opener?

A. Scuba asked, I said yes and now I am totally regretting it.

Q. Do you know what your opening and closing tracks of the night are yet?

A. No idea, but as previously mentioned the first tune will more than likely have no beats. The last one might have lots of ‘em and be really fast like drum & bass or something…all depends on how it goes.

Q. Have you made any New Year resolutions that you’re willing to tell us about?

A. I don’t make them anymore because I know that I will fail to keep to it. Also, my memory is so shit these days I’ll probably forget I made them.

Q. Who’s the best, Marcus Intalex or Trevino?

A. It changes per gig; it sort of depends on the last one. I am always great, without doubt I’m totally the best at everything, but sadly sometimes I get a shit crowd. Then, I feel like it was my fault for a minute or two, so by default the other alias will take the crown until the next gig…


What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Trevino all the very best with his future endeavours, and hope that he delivers a successful seven, I mean six, hours of great music to everyone who clatters about Room 2 at XOYO tomorrow night.


Order Tickets for All Events December 03, 2015 13:41

Tickets for 12 Weeks of Techno events are now on sale and can be purchased by following the links below. Early birds are almost all gone, and there is no guarantee of availability on the door so order now to ensure you get in.

SCUBA & XOYO Present: 12 Weeks of Techno November 22, 2015 20:41

Scuba is XOYO’s first quarter resident in 2016 and these are his 12 Weeks of Techno.

“I grew up with the club scene in London but since leaving for Berlin in 2007 I've only played in the city two or three times per year. The residency appealed to me because it's a chance to properly reconnect with the London scene, to present music that I love on a weekly basis, and to invite guests who I respect and admire” says Scuba.

Playing every Saturday in January, February and March, Scuba has enlisted a powerful roster of talent to play alongside of him.

“It’s called 12 Weeks Of Techno so there's not much ambiguity about the music policy. But techno means many different things to different people and there's a really wide spectrum to the music. So when thinking about the guests I wanted to be as wide ranging as possible within that techno parameter and put together lineups that covered the full variety of what techno means to people. “

Tickets are available for the events from



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