Tonka and Kowton January 22, 2016 09:54

If you change the "K" to a "C" and add another "w", you'd get the name, "Cowtown". Thankfully, Kowton didn't call himself Cowtown because I honestly don't think they'd take him seriously down Berghain with a name like that. Kowton reads a lot better and makes him sound ominous, which is what you want in Kowton's line of business. Cowtown would have taken him no further than the end of his road, I'm afraid.

Kowton plays tomorrow night's 12 Weeks of Techno back to back with Peverelist, so Scuba told me to go and interview him/create some promotional online content (and to put any expenses on the company credit card). I put my best black t-shirt on and went to meet Kowton in a dark and dingy warehouse in Northolt. Bored looking androgynous models were wall-flowering to the sounds of Sebastian Komor and X-Marks The Pedwalk. I affected a nonchalant manner and pretended to enjoy the cigarette I'd sparked up. I didn't even look Kowton in the eyes!

Here's the transcript:

Q. For anyone unfamiliar with the name Kowton, could you tell them who you are, what you do and why you do it?
A. My name's Joe Cowton, I live in London, everyone thinks I'm from Bristol but I'm not. I run a label called Livity Sound with Peverelist and produce and DJ music that sits somewhere between techno and UK soundsystem music. Fuck knows why. 

Q) Why did you choose the moniker, Kowton, as a DJ name? Did you ever toy with the idea of prefixing it with DJ, like a proper DJ (DJ Kowton), or suffixing it with something more exciting like Da Grasmere Prince (DJ Da Grasmere Prince) or Bassline Scientist (DJ Bassline Scientist)?
A. Years ago, I used to go by the name Narcossist and no one could pronounce or spell it. I got fucked off with that so I swapped the "C" in Cowton for a "K" and got Kowton. People still spell it wrong but that's more their fault than mine, I feel.

Q. Have you decided on what you’re wearing for your gig at the 12 Weeks of Techno thing with Scuba at XOYO (tickets available here) tomorrow night yet?
A. I read a Rick Owens interview where he said he had 50 black t-shirts and just rotated those, which sounded good, so I went to Uniqlo and bought 15 black t-shirts to wear everyday. That was about 6 months ago and I like it, life as a cut-price imitation is working out well.

Q. What kind of music can punters expect to hear from a Kowton and Peverelist back to back set? Do you tend to play differently b2b as opposed to solo sets?
A. Yeah, there's more of a dynamic of Tom playing the deeper bits and me drawing for the heavier tracks. I think b2bs are always a bit less coherent but then maybe that makes them more interesting. There's a tendency to repeat the same mixes if you're playing solo - Tom always plays weird shit I've never heard before, so there isn't much chance of that in the b2bs.

Q. Is Peverelist your best friend?
A. I'm not even sure we're friends tbh. More just trapped in a loveless marriage of convenience where he has to do all the boring stuff and I talk to promoters if he gets in a sulk.

Q. Eight bar snare-roll with cymbal crashes on four of the last beats before the breakdown or sixteen bar rising hoover noise?
A. Hoover every time. Crashes are so 2013.

Q. What’s your favourite Scuba song?
A. The Surgeon remix of Ruptured. Been playing that one since it came out.

Q. How much money did you make from Spotify in 2015?
A. Shite all. Maybe got a couple of gigs off the back of the RA news story though, so cheers Spotify. I know you mean well really.

Q. Do you have anything else to say in your defence?
A. Nah, guilty. Take me away.

What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Kowton all the very best for tomorrow night's back to back gig with Peverelist down XOYO (tickets available here) and kind thoughts for all of his future endeavours.