Another Radiohead Article May 04, 2016 08:15

I've been talking to the brainboxes at The Quietus in the last few days, ladies and gentlemen. Firstly, I thought I was the only one who'd ever heard of Kaito, but it turns out they're a celebrated band at The Quietus (and they told me that the singer from Kaito is now in Factory Floor, which I didn't know!). Secondly, I thought I was the only one who ever noticed that the singer out of Radiohead looks a bit like the singer off of Travis (at the moment), and I let The Quietus know in an extremely amusing Tweet. It's actually an hilarious lookalike worthy of inclusion in my award-winning WRDM series, Hilarious Lookalikes. The Quietus, however, didn't respond to that Tweet, and I don't fucking blame them. LOLoutLOUD.

Anyway, my point is this: there was a massive hoo-ha on the internet the other day when it was announced that Radiohead were deleting their entire social media and web footprint in order to promote what was, ultimately, a fairly conventional-sounding (The Quietus description) Radiohead song. See below:

There wasn't really a point there, but, anyway, I've tried and failed to delete my internet history on many occasions because there are bits and dabs on Google that make me look not HALF as cool as I am today. I'm not sure if that was the Radiohead reasoning. Thom - get in touch and tell me.

It's funny how some artists and bands market their music though, isn't it? Most of the emails I get from marketing and PR companies on behalf of artists read like this:

Hey Tanka,

Got some pure fire bizniss for you topday from XXXXXX, mate. Everyone from Laurent Garnier to Richie Hawtin and the guys a NTS are throwing full support behind this release and were proud to be offering you this promo for show on your blog or website.

Track 1 is a deeply hypnotic bass-driven groover that doesn't let up for one second. Track 2 throws the dancefloor into the shallow end, dives in to rescue it and then chucks it in the deep end, goes outside for a fag and then comes back in to rescue it with a tapered off tribal drum Workout at the end. track 3 showws the softer side of XXXXXX with an ambientbased dub production that could come straight out of the Detroit no-kick future fantasy textbook. Perfect for an end of set waver or a first track to reset the dance floor fotr tracks 1 and 2.

MP3 and press photographs pack downlaod pack below.

Please repost on Facebook and Twitter and your blog or webnsite and we weill of course retweet and full support.

Anyone who has spent five minutes in the dance music industry will know that I'm not exaggerating. Hmm. Today's post started off as ANOTHER Radiohead post, but has now morphed into me offering the dance world my services. Maybe this is the point?

DJs/producers/PR managers: I can write original press releases for money that will have ZERO spelling or grammar mistakes.

Get in touch by driving down the usual roads.