The Shops May 05, 2016 09:30

After the success of yesterday's long-form Radiohead article, and the excitement surrounding tomorrow's EXCLUSIVE #Cherryade preview about a week and a half after ripping off that Beyoncé song was anywhere near fashionable, I'm going to settle things down a little. It's Thursday, it's been a long week and it's almost the end of it (the week), so lie back and relax. Lie down on your bed and maybe have a think about which Hotflush clothes you want to buy next.

The sun is out now, so why not make yourself the coolest dude on your estate by parading around in a pair of Crocs, a pair of cut-off jeans, a brand new Waves T-shirt (orange on white, only £20.00) and a box-fresh, black "Nightcap" 5 panel hat (only £20.00)...shit, they're sold out at the moment. Buy a beanie hat instead, because we all know this sun won't last.

Where was I? Yes. I'm making you relax, aren't I? Lie back on your bed. Frap off if you need to, but, hold on, don't relax just yet. Click play on the following first:

Yes. That's it. And now you can relax. Do what you need to do and drift off to dreamland with that in your ears.

#Cherryade tomorrow.