Tuesday's Top Tunes May 10, 2016 09:30

I spent about four and a half years reviewing dance music on a weekly basis for my celebrated (and sorely-missed) blog, the Weekly Review of Dance Music, so I know a thing or two (or three LOLoutLOUD) about crate-digging, listening and judging. Here's at least two tracks I'd like to put a score on this week:

Sepalcure – Not Gonna Make It

When I first heard Pencil Pimp by Sepalcure in 2011, I thought I was listening to a very impressive genre shift by the Brazilian groove metal band, Sepultura. I even performed a dramatic double-take and spat my tea all over my cornflakes as I read the record sleeve. As Pencil Pimp progressed, I became more and more blown away by their command of two quite different ends of the music pole.

Incredibly popular groove metal bands, like Sepultura and Cock and Ball Torture, don’t usually go on to produce high-end techno after decades of making groove metal, and it turns out that they still don't, because the punchline of this bit is that I simply read the word, Sepalcure, wrong when I first saw it written down. LOLoutLOUD.

Sepalcure – Not Gonna Make It

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Manni Dee - Cameron On A Guillotine

Political dance music has been around since Perc’s Wicker and Steel album that the Guardian said was something to do with the London riots, and it’s telling that the only producer to make some political dance music since then is the sometime stablemate of Perc, Manni Dee.

I met Manni Dee at a party in Dalston last year (of course you did, Tonka) and, although I was absolutely fucking terminated and can’t remember what we spoke about, I do remember thinking that he was a very lovely man (ni Dee). Geddit? Cameron On A Guillotine is the groove metal techno cousin of Margaret On The Guillotine by The Smiths. It's got sound effects on it that make it sound like a guillotine slashing deliberately all over the back of a Prime Minister's neck.

Manni Dee - Cameron On A Guillotine

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Napoleon XIV - They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

I was going to pretend that I found this whilst House Hunting for obscure groove metal cuts with my pal, Aiden, down Phonica Records, but I can't be fucked to make something like that up, so I'll admit to hearing this song on BBC 6 Music on Sunday night as I ironed my shirts and Mrs. Tonka's skirts.

I think Shaun Keaveny played it and I thought it was ace.

Napoleon XIV - They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!


Well, there you have it. Sepultura, I mean, Sepalcure, win with a perfect 10/10. Marvellous stuff.