Terr - Burn The Past May 12, 2016 09:30

Have you bought Burn The Past by Terr yet? I told you to buy it about a month ago.

The vinyl is, unfortunately (for you), sold out (brilliant for us) at the moment, but there are still a few MP3 copies kicking around Hotflush HQ we can send out to you. Please follow these step-by-step instructions and purchase an MP3 copy of Burn The Past by your favourite Brazilian, Daniela Caldellas aka Terr.

  1. Turn on your laptop, PC, smart phone or tablet
  2. Connect to the internet (this can be on 3G/4G with your preferred network service provider or via a local wifi connection)
  3. Open up a web browser (Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Edge, if you have Windows 10/Fire Fox, Safari, etc, etc)
  4. Navigate to the Hotflush Recordings website: http://www.hotflushrecordings.com/
  5. Navigate to Music
  6. Navigate to Terr - Burn The Past / MP3 Download
  7. Change the contents of the quantity field to 1000

       8. Click ADD TO CART
       9. Click CHECKOUT
       10. Enter your customer details and click Continue to payment method
       11. Confirm your bank details, finalise the payment and wait for those delicious MP3s to arrive.

Guys, I'm happy to confirm that it's definitely worth the wait. Burn The Past by Terr is fucking brilliant. May Day is my favourite track on the EP...

Friday tomorrow. Smiley face.