Monday, Monday, Gotta Get Down On Monday May 16, 2016 09:30

I'm writing this at 5.45am on the Sunday morning, hungover as fuck and worried that I did something embarrassing at the Notting Hill Arts Club last night. It was the Disco Freaks party; Shoreditch Radio had bought their do from east London to the west side - my side, and I have vague memories of telling a close friend the full transcript of my private Stereophonics drum stick anecdote. The private Stereophonics drum stick anecdote has been my disgusting secret for over fifteen years, but I fear that I let slip last night in my fucking fog of fuckery fucking pissy pissing drunken shitness. It's amazing, the amount of discretion I let go of when I've got about seven pints inside of me. I'll tell anyone anything about me.

And I'm sure that I told my private Stereophonics drum stick anecdote last night. I now feel violated, to be honest.

Shoreditch Radio's Disco Freaks was brilliant though. I met a couple of lads who were from Wolverhampton and we spent about three hours doing exaggerated West Midlands accents to each other.

Shoreditch Radio's Disco Freaks at Notting Hill Arts Club

Top Tunes Tuesday or something tomorrow.