The Top Tuesday Tunes: Sorrow May 17, 2016 09:35

This Tuesday's top tunes are all set to the related themes of loss, heartbreak, losing a loved one, having your heart broken and all of those sad kind of things you feel inside when your heart is broken by watching someone you love or a very close family member walk out of your life, say, to another continent or something. Sure, you can Skype, but it's not the fucking same, is it?

I'm just showing my sensitive side today, lads, know what I mean?? Here are my top song tips for getting through a MASSIVE amount of sorrow:

Superfast Oz & Project Mayhem - Robocock

Sitting at my writing desk in Northolt in 2016 whilst listening to Robocock is an odd experience. I'm in an extremely happy place now, but Robocock has helped me through a few dark periods in my life and eased the gut pain specifically during the summer of 2005 after I'd been dumped by a woman called Kate in a Hoxton Square gay bar. Tramping back to Muswell Hill on my own, I had an old Nick Rafferty tape playing on my Sony Walkman. As I climbed the Archway steep towards Highgate, Robocock came on and it motivated me to reach the top and not hang myself after I reached the woods.

Now, when I listen to Robocock by Superfast OZ & and Project Mayhem, I am able to smile and feel glad that the death of a short (two weekends including the one she dumped me on), superficial relationship with a woman I didn't actually have very much to say to didn't result in the death of me, Tonka.

Fat Bastard & Doctor Evil - Fucked On Charly

This song got rinsed, repeated, rewound and rinsed more times than Jez says, "Oh, I bet you're loving this", to Mark in each of the nine series of Peep Show that was aired between 2003 and 2015.

I like sitting alone on the kitchen windowsill at night with Fucked On Charly playing on repeat, curled up in a ball with lit candles everywhere, frowning at my own legs and wondering what the fucking hell I'm going to do if the sadness doesn't fade away. "Turn that frown upside down", is the never-ending mantra that I whisper to myself in the most forlorn fashion you could ever fucking imagine as my flatmates do the dinner and washing up around me. Fucked On Charly by Fat Bastard & Doctor Evil is a song for wallowing in your own, woebegone, atrabilious, disgusting, long-winded misery.

Justin Bieber feat. Nicki Minaj - Beauty And A Beat

This song actually cheers me up when I'm feeling blue. I like to look at the music video whilst listening to the song. Having a look at Justin Bieber having a lovely time at his house party to a nice pop song is enough to make anyone happy, even the Baron of Techno. It's also got a mad sick ill beat rap cameo by Lil Kim, I mean Nicki Minaj.

Fucking hell. I've made a Lil Kim / Nicki Minaj comment on a blog post in 2016. THAT'S how out of date I am.

*reaches for Fucked On Charly*