POLE DANCING May 18, 2016 09:30

IN THE NEWS. An old age pensioner lady and her elderly husband flew over on an aeroplane from Poland on Sunday night and took to the famous Room 1 dance floor at Fabric in a rare display of clubbing power from the older generation.

The way the internet gushed itself inside out after seeing a couple of OAPs in a nightclub, and the way they were treated inside the club itself, was obviously very incredibly heart-warming and definitely NOT patronising in ANY way, but I do hope Fabric has not set a precedent. Where do nightclubs in this country now draw the line on when a punter is entitled to FREE shots of tequila, FREE cups of tea and FREE taxi rides home?

Fresh-faced, boyishly handsome BEEFCAKES like me are always being asked for ID by the gorillas who man the doors in this country to see if I'm over 18, are we now going to be asking the old-faced, fuck-ugly box-heads who turn up looking for a FREE bar and taxi for proof that they're old enough to be entitled?

And who is going to end up paying? YOU and me: the average, normal-aged reveller. Ticket prices are high enough as it is without etc, etc, etc, etc, YOU get the picture.

In summary, then, I'm glad that a couple of old people had fun at Fabric, but I do now fear for the future of House of God in Birmingham; my favourite club night. If free nights out for pensioners are to become the law, subsidised by the nightclub promoters/venue, I can't see House of God or Tunnel Club lasting beyond this year's Halloween party. By that, I mean: loads of old people go to House of God at Tunnel Club, and that was the point I was trying my hardest to reach in today's post without having to explain it at the end.