Jimmy Edgar - This One's For The Children May 18, 2016 17:01

Hi, everyone. I'm just in my loft, rummaging through all of my old Hotflush Recordings records. You've caught me in quite a nostalgic mood *smiles and closes eyes whilst slowly shaking head*.

(Yes, it's that time of the week where I prompt you to spend money in our electronic shop. Today, I'm using the premise that you've just climbed the loft ladder in my house and clambered in on me whilst I'm looking at my old stuff. This is just a clever way of asking you to listen to a Hotflush song and then click on the link underneath it to make a purchase. Right, let me get back to writing like I was in the first paragraph...)

Look, *giggles*, I've not listened to this song in ages. I used to love this one. "We don't like television, we don't like new wave..." Gosh! I still remember the words! Shall we? Shall we stick it on? Come on, let's stick it on...

Wow. Still sounds exactly as I remember it! Takes me right back to the Spring of 2012. Those were crazy times, weren't they? Literally crazy for me. I was smack bang in the middle of a nervous breakdown and incredibly damaging depression after my parents had split up the previous summer. LOLoutLOUD now, but MASSIVE upside down smiley face at the time *that emoji with the wide eyes and no mouth*.

You can still buy This One's For The Children by Jimmy Edgar. BUY IT NOW from this link here.