Sepalcure - Folding Time May 20, 2016 10:45

Dance fans up and down the country and all across the world are screaming, "THIF!", this morning for one reason and one reason only. There's really only one reason for that, and it's not because today is the 154th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln signing the Homestead Act into law. Yes, the global vox populi is all, "THIF!", because they're abbreviating the words, Thank Hotflush It's Friday, because today (Friday 20 May 2016) is the release date for the brand new release on Hotflush Recordings by Sepalcure, the name of the release being Folding Time (that point didn't really need to take that long to get to, did it? - the Hotflush Boss)!

Here in my little writing basement at Hotflush HQ, I'm holding a little album launch party. Everyone's been invited; Sepalcure, Scuba, my mate Draper, the Martinez Brothers, George Fitzgerald, Paul Woolford, Dave Clarke, the main Hotflush office bods upstairs, DJ Barely Legal, Heartthrob, Amp Fiddler, Joy Orbison, Prosumer, Trevino, they've all received the invite. I know that for a fact. So far, the only one who's turned up is Draper. I'm sure the rest are on their way. Prosumer's probably ran into complications with the apple pie he's no doubt making for us! The rest, I'm positive, are on their way. Definitely.

Anyway, we've got Folding Time on in the background and I've just taken the cling film off the sausage rolls and triangle sandwiches. Draper and I are skanking like fuck to Loosen Up at the moment. Spilling lemonade all over the floor. The album itself is ace. The first couple of songs, Fight For Us and Not Gonna Make It, trick you into thinking that it's going to be a heartbreak album. There's an almost call and response quality to the initial double; the woman saying she wants to fight for the relationship to carry on, and the bloke then saying, actually, we're not going to make it. I was welling up, I'll be honest. The rest of the album is...why don't you just buy it and find out?

Hotflush only deal in high quality. We're the best label with the best artists, the best DJ and producer label boss, the best team, the best nights, the best clothes, the best website and the best writer manning the best daily blog online today. Folding Time by Sepalcure is fucking brilliant.



Ooh, hang on a minute, there's a knock on the door. It's probably DJ Barely Legal and Trevino. I hope they've brought Pringles.  Look, I'd better go and let them in. Bye bye, everybody, bye bye...