Kanye West's David Bowie Tribute Album May 23, 2016 09:30

Has Kanye West's David Bowie tribute album been released yet? I'm only asking because he was on the news the other day, talking with someone called Helen about how great he is and I thought, hang on a minute, isn't he supposed to be doing a David Bowie tribute album, and I thought, hold on a minute, I've not seen it in the shops yet, so I thought I'd post my question about that on the Hotflush Recordings website instead of Googling, "Has Kanye West's David Bowie tribute album been released yet?", like any normal person would have done.

I'm not any normal person though, am I? I'm Tonka. The greatest dance writer in the world. Kanye West is the best rapper, ideas man and clothes maker and I'm the best dance writer. LOLoutLOUD.

Tomorrow's Top Tuesday Tunes are all centered around the theme of PERSECUTION and LAZY KLICK BAIT.

See you then, duuuuuuuuudes.