Bank Holiday May 31, 2016 14:04

What did YOU do on your Bank Holiday? I don't care. Me? Thanks for asking. I spent all day pretending that I was looking around an Essex island looking for nightclubs that play house music. It's funny how much bollocks I'm able to generate on here every day in the name of content.

Ho hum.

I'm not actually able to generate too much content on here today because, the truth is, my house got knocked down last night by an accidental wrecking ball. The ball operator was supposed to be knocking down the house of the twat next door, but he made a mistake. We all make mistakes, so I've not kicked up a fuss. What's this story got to do with dance music or Hotflush? Nothing. It's just content that I literally just wrote whilst having a shit.

Here's a Hotflush song to wrap things up. I'll do a proper post tomorrow when I'm not up to my guts in rubble.