My One Millionth Hotflush Post June 01, 2016 19:49

Welcome, everybody, to the one millionth Hotflush daily blog post by me, Tonka. Yes, one million posts and Resident Advisor still won't feature this on their Feed. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I do believe that the dance music Illuminati are shutting down my means of communication and stopping the wider public from accessing my blah, blah, fucking blah.

I've completely lost my thread now, hold on.

Yes. To celebrate my one millionth post, Scuba has let me have a go on his decks and do a special mix. He's in the Channel Tunnel now, on his way to this, so he doesn't give a fuck what I get up to.

Don't be fooled by the description or the published date on this YouTube video, it's definitely a mix by me for the Hotflush Recordings website.

Jesus, it's been a really poor quality week, hasn't it? Sorry. It's been shit except for the Dance Nation post, and the chocolate drugs one, no, actually, it's been a satisfactory week. I'm alright. Anyway, there's another Fun Time Friday on tomorrow, lads.