England Are DEFINITELY Going to Win Euro 2016 June 10, 2016 14:36

This weekend, Roy's Brave Boys start their Euro 2016 campaign with the patriotic sound of an entire nation screaming the lyrics to We Are England, the unofficial (meaning, best) England football song by Shaun Ryder, Goldie and Paul Oakenfold ringing in their English ears. Here at Hotflush HQ, we're all in agreement that We Are England is the greatest England football anthem since World In Motion, and if you don't like it, you must be foreign.

I've just Googled the lyrics to We Are England, but I don't think anyone has put them up yet. It goes something like this, though:

England 'til we die
We're famous like the English weather
England 'til we die
You're twistin' my melons, man

England 'til we die
The weather

It's not only the most patriotic song ever written, it's also the most international. Apparently, Shaun Ryder wrote the lyrics in Madchester, Goldie posted the drum and bass beats all the way from Thailand and Paul Oakenfold sent the Balearic vibes from his mansion in Los Angeles!

Have a look at the video up there ^^^^^^^. It's got lots of good-looking people walking up down the street carrying footballs, Paul Oakenfold sticking his thumb up whilst wearing a fake England top and Bez pretending to do the limbo. It's a bit like the video to Equality Street by David Brent.

So, get behind England for the next few weeks by learning these lyrics and screaming them as you walk down the street or whenever Wayne Rooney scores a goal, and if you're at any of Scuba's upcoming DJ gigs in the next month, don't be surprised to here him play this out.

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