My Final Ever Football Post June 13, 2016 09:30

Honestly, my Facebook feed this weekend has been full to bursting with videos of fat, old, pissed-up English cunts being beaten up by gangs of roided-up, Russian muscle-men in the streets of Marseille. I made the mistake of calling for a good show by our brave boys on my official Euro 2016 Team Guide on Ran$om Note last week. Some of the old ICF and Headhunter crew must have read it, got nostalgic and immediately headed over to France, thinking that they were still top boys and able to mix it.

Now that they've embarrassed themselves because of me, I've decided to take a permanent break with the football posts. I'm Tonka, not Barney Ronay. I write fucking brilliant blog posts about dance music, not fucking brilliant articles about football.

Right. Dance music, eh? It's great, isn't it? Especially all of the dance music on the Hotflush Recordings label.

I'll be back tomorrow with loads more light and loads more online content.