New Scuba Album "Claustrophobia" Out Now! March 31, 2015 11:43


Following a self imposed break away from the stage and touring circuit, Scuba returns with his 4th full length album Claustrophobia.

The album delivers an introspective look into the life of the Hotflush Recordings label owner, as he embarks on a new musical adventure in 2015. 

Claustrophobia takes a distinctive step away from his previous release Personality, while not ignoring his past efforts in delivering bass heavy crowd pleasers. This album will not disappoint fans of his earlier releases, but will rather open them up to his own view of the current Techno, IDM and Atmospheric music scenes. 

The album showcases a unique balance between thumping kick drums and dance floor ambiance, providing a soundtrack for headphone listeners and dance floor enthusiasts alike. With tracks such as 'Family entertainment' leaving listeners on the edge of their seat, 'Black on Black' will get them up and dancing again in no time.

As an artist Scuba's own work is constantly evolving and Claustrophobia is a perfect example of where he sees electronic music headed as we venture into 2015.

The album is available on Vinyl, CD and digital download.