Hotflush Welcomes Tonka... January 04, 2016 12:21



My name is Tonka. I’m the managing director of the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music, the best writer on the Ran$om Note, one of the Being Boiled people from 2013 and the only member of the underground dance music community to feature in the pages of Private Eye. Hotflush Recordings is one of the best record labels in the world, so it makes sense for them to have one of the world's best writers on their website...

In November, Scuba got me in a headlock and refused to let go until I agreed to come in and do the Hotflush Recordings daily blog, every day. I’ve only ever done WRDM once a week and Tonka’s Week on a Friday. Thankfully, I’m dead good at writing, so churning out top quality content on here five days a week will be a piece of piss.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about my current favourite Hotflush track. On Friday, I’ll be helping out a top techno DJ with a bit of personal problems and in between I’ll be shouting about all things Hotflush, Scuba's 12 Weeks of Techno residency down XOYO and trying my hardest to make this blog as desirable as an alleged bucolic pursuit in the desperate eyes of a green-haired 90s dance pop icon.