Reflections on Paul Woolford - Orbit / MDMA January 05, 2016 10:11

Last night, I was trying to decide which CBeebies presenter I’d most like to rattle whilst perusing – and listening to – the Music section of this website. That’s how the brain works; you can think of two things at the same time. All you need to do is use the left side of the brain AND the right side. It’s great.

Paul Woolford’s EP from last June piqued my interest because the two tracks on it are called Orbit and MDMA. I skipped Orbit and went straight to MDMA.

It’s a funny song because, although it’s a vocal piano track that makes you think of the Haçienda, Graeme Park and Bez, MDMA didn’t actually become available until about 2004, I think. Back in the original Madchester acid house days, it was all really expensive ecstasy E tablets, I think.

Whilst listening to Orbit / MDMA, I closed my eyes and had an imaginary 2-in-a-bed sex romp with Gem off of Swashbuckle, who was in full dress (except for her pirate trousers). It's a great EP, and I'm glad I revisited it. If I were to buy it again, I'd click on this link.

Mmm. 12 Weeks of Techno preview tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen…