12 Weeks of Techno - Week 1 Preview January 06, 2016 09:33

I went a bit mad at about 5am on New Year’s Day and spent all of my Christmas money on tickets for every week of Scuba’s 12 Weeks of Techno residency at XOYO (tickets available here). Mrs. Tonka doesn’t know yet, but when she finally gets around to looking at the internet banking, she’s going to fucking smash me up. LOLoutLOUD. The debt I’m willing to plunge my family into for a brilliant bit of nightclub programming, eh?

Scuba is on every Saturday night for twelve weeks, and he's going to be joined by a special guest or two. Nina Kraviz, Jimmy Edgar, Ryan Elliot and Veronica Vasicka are just SOME of the DJs we'll all be stomping around XOYO to.

It kicks off this Saturday with Scuba playing all night long in the main room, and Trevino playing all night long in Room 2. I’ll be having a little chat with Trevino on Friday to see how excited he is about the weekend, so come back then. Please come back.


Tomorrow, I’ll be microtometercandyhell. Until then, I’ll see you then.