Hotflush Monday January 18, 2016 09:42

Welcome to the start of the third week of my Hotflush blog residency. Much like Scuba’s 12 Weeks of Techno residency at XOYO (tickets available here), I’m “absolutely smashing it”. Not my words, the words of my best mate, Draper. I was talking with him last night outside the Codfather in Northolt when I was trying to decide what to write about this week. I was feeling a little depressed because I was at the back-end of a 48 hour bout of severe writer’s block.

He said, “Tonka, mate, I’ve not read any of your posts on Hotflush yet, but I'm sure you’re absolutely smashing it.” That confidence boost was a real boost to my confidence, and I'm now confident that this week on the Hotflush blog is going to be absolutely fucking brilliant…just like the last two weeks.

So, if you're feeling blue today, or stuck for something to write about on a record label website that you're contractually obliged to update on a daily basis, cheer yourself up with - and get inspired by - Draper's words (above) and a listen to Scuba's 1st Week of Techno mix on Soundcloud (below). It's a recording of over two hours from his all-night set from the other week. Download it if you want to. It's up to you.

Entirely up to you.