Hotflush Tuesday January 19, 2016 10:07

Kanye West was in the news yesterday because he’s reportedly going to do a David Bowie tribute album of sung covers and Bowie-inspired raps. My whole Facebook feed was ramma-jamma full of people arguing over whether or not this is a good thing or not. You should have seen rival writer Joe Muggs’ thread about it! LOLoutLOUD. There were all sorts of mad accusations flying about; none of which have any relevance on a Hotflush website or bear any weight on my thoughts on the matter.

- What do you think about Kanye West potentially making a David Bowie tribute album, Tonka?

- Well, I think any artist can do whatever the fuck they want and if people want to like or hate the art and/or the artist, they can. It's boring when a few dozen keyboard warriors on Facebook bang on and on about what other people are doing with their lives. As Kanye’s mate, Jay-Z, once rapped in one of his songs:  “what you eat don’t make me shit.”

I think that helps to articulate my opinion, anyway.

To me, Facebook is all about sharing cool new music like this; it's the brilliant new Dense & Pika remix package, which is conveniently available to buy here.

Personally, as an artist, I’m currently working on a 10 minute hard house medley of David Bowie songs in Ableton because I think it might have the potential to go viral. If that happens, it’ll boost my popularity.