12 Weeks of Techno: Eyes and Ears on the Ground / Week 2 January 20, 2016 10:48

Last Wednesday, I interviewed a young dance punter called Lewis about his visit to Scuba's first Week of Techno at XOYO. This week, I played eeny, meeny, miny, moe on the Twitter search results for, "12 Weeks of Techno", and ended up on the profile of Holly Mason (@maisonraisin).

Holly kindly agreed to be grilled by me on her trip to Scuba's second Week of Techno.

Here's the transcript:


Q. What's your name and where do you come from?
A. Holly Mason, Originally from London, but now live in Edinburgh. Came down just for the night and flew straight back- oops!

Q. What time did you get to XOYO?
A. We got to XOYO shortly after half 11. We were running late because we were pretty much just chatting drunk shite on the way.

Q. What time did you leave?
A. We stayed until the end!

Q. Did you pull?
A. Nah, we were having too much fun. We didn't want the night to end.


Q. Tune of the night?
A. Too many, but the one I could easily match was Let Me Tell U - Jimmy Edgar (not sure for defo if he played Strike or not...). If you want a description, I would say one tune sounded like a mixture of humming and bells and weird space noises and piano keys. Awful description I know, I apologise...

Q. Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A. Haha! Well, I came down just for the event and started getting wrecked pretty much as soon as I landed. Not sure if you'll actually be able to write this up but I was smart and patiently waited for CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS but my pal decided to do a CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS and was fooked. We also made some lovely pals who shared a couple of CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS with us. A good night all round (absolutely fucking terminated)!

Q. Any funny anecdotes from the night?
A. A really typical SE guy turned to me and my pal and goes, "ah its the glitta twinz" (we had a bit of glitter on our faces), we responded, "yeah :))", he got really awkward and went, "yeah it's cool, you're like...brother and sister" and ran off...

Q. Will you be going along to any of the other Weeks of Techno that Scuba is putting on?
A. Yip, I am. I'll be down again for Alan Fitzpatrick + Paul Woolford (tickets available here), as well as for the closing night (tickets available here) because I was so gutted I missed the opening! 12 weeks = not enough.


    What a lovely young lady! If you're ever in Scotland, go and have a massive pint of Tennent's Super, a deep fried Caramac and a load of haggis with her over a long conversation about which techno DJs are the best.

    This coming weekend at XOYO sees Scuba joined in the main room by Shackleton and Kowton back to back with Peverelist, and in Room 2 is my very dear friend, Dan Beaumont (tickets available here). On Friday, on here, Kowton will be answering some questions...