Hotflush Thursday January 21, 2016 09:23


...I was catching up on last week's EastEnders with MP Liquid Gold over a cup of tea and a bottle of Liquid Gold last night. I love being a young, handsome beefcake with a luxury flat in Westminster. MP Liquid Gold told me that he'd just got back from work. He'd had a busy day, he said, telling all his colleagues that poppers are an ok drug and they shouldn't be banned like all the other drugs they've been talking about banning. I said, "That's convenient. Thanks, mate".

When EastEnders finished, we did a bit more Liquid Gold and opened this very website to listen to some tunes. I said, "What kind of stuff do you like, MP Liquid Gold?" He didn't say a word; he just put a finger to my lips and double clicked on the Start menu by mistake. He said, "I'm not very good with computers, Tonka. You do it. I want a steely main room house track with grinding synths that roam and whir about above weighty bass."

I said, "I know just the thing", and put The Cliff on by Shall Ocin (out now on Hotflush - BUY IT here).

I'll be back tomorrow with an interview with Kowton. He's playing back to back with Peverelist on Saturday night's 12 Weeks of Techno at XOYO (tickets available here).