Hotflush Thursday January 28, 2016 10:01

Fuck me. What a day yesterday was; it was Wednesday, and now that it's Thursday I'm able to look back and LOLoutLOUD on what was a truly dreadful day in the life of Tonka.

- Why, Tonka? U OK HUN?

- Well, the punter I was supposed to be interviewing about their night at last weekend's 12 Weeks of Techno night down XOYO went AWOL, and I was left scrabbling around the internet trying to find a last minute replacement. Did I find one? Did I fuck. It's all right though, I'm Tonka. I've got shoulders broad enough to handle not reading a post by me on a daily basis. It's the Hotflush and Tonka fans I feel sorry for, and for that I apologise whole-heartedly.

And sincerely.

To make a bad day worse, I then dropped my 10 year old iPod Nano in a toilet that hadn't yet been flushed and it won't work anymore, even after I dried it on my sleeve and breathed all over it for ten minutes. Dark yellow, the water was.

- What were you about to listen to, Tonka?

- Well, I'd just downloaded that Jimmy Edgar mix: 2nd Week of Techno; part of his set from the second night of Scuba's 12 Weeks of Techno down XOYO, and I was looking forward to listening to it on the way home from Chariots. Upside down smiley face.

I'll be back tomorrow with an EXCLUSIVE interview with Ryan Elliott ahead of his guest slot at XOYO on Saturday night (tickets available here).

Keep the faith.