Terry Wogan February 01, 2016 09:39

Honestly, I feel like Barack Obama addressing America about yet another mass shooting today, metaphorically rolling my eyes and tutting into the camera lens. It only feels like three weeks ago that I was sat here pouring my heart out over the death of the Great British icon, David Bowie, and here I am again, sadly reporting on the death of another Great British icon, DJ Terry Wogan. He went to Heaven yesterday where he'll be joining David Bowie, Cecil the Lion, the Ultimate Warrior, Cecil Parkinson, Stuart "The Brand" Baggs, Lemmy, someone out of The Eagles, the baddie off of Die Hard and many, many more celebrities in what must now be a massively over-populated cloud.

Everyone who's famous and old seems to be dying recently, and it's getting beyond a joke.

Thankfully, the deaths have been restricted to old national treasures, old rock stars, old Members of Parliament and old actors. So far, in 2016, there have been no house and techno DJ or producer deaths, I think. THAT is something to be grateful for. Some of them are getting old now though, aren't they? The moment I open up Resident Advisor and read about the death of Ri..., no I won't say their name, the thought alone strikes me cold.

So, my message to the dance music community today is this: let's not get bogged down in the negativity and pessimistic reflections that are, understandably, flying around after the death of Terry Wogan. Let's celebrate his life and enjoy the amazing DJs and producers that we have in our midst that aren't yet dead, when we have them, which is now. Know what I mean?


Listen to this song, taken from Scuba's Claustrophobia album (available to buy here) then: