Hotflush Tuesday February 02, 2016 09:05

That EDM thing, SFX Entertainment filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy yesterday. Upside down smiley face for everyone who's into clown music.

Or is it? I'd heard of SFX before, and I'd heard of bankruptcy before, but I've never heard of chapter 11 bankruptcy, so I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing for SFX and the clown music community as a whole. I tried to judge the mood on the Resident Advisor thread, but I could hardly understand what most of the commentators were banging on about, so I did my own research.

Apparently, chapter 11 bankruptcy is alright because it just lets you restructure (swap people around and make up new job titles) your business and pay people you owe money to back over a longer period of time.

So, if you've got anything to do with clown music and SFX Entertainment, the future might not be all upside down smiley faces. Just wait until they've finished reorganising themselves and, if you've lost any money because of SFX, remember that clown music doesn't have to be about the pounds, shillings and pence/dollars and cents. Clown music, and people who have invested in clown music, should take inspiration from the scene it's been happy to troll for the last few years, the underground house scene, and think about peace, love, unity, respect plus hardly any money or materialistic things to show for it.


PS. Take a look at the picture at the top. I've had people ask me before if I'm Banksy...

...I'm not Banksy, but I'm able to illustrate social chaos and global injustice and package it for the idiots who don't like proper art just as well as Banksy does. I created the mural above using Microsoft Paint, Snipping Tool, Google Images and my loony-left, liberal imagination. It's a picture of Ronald McDonald (represents an unassailable capitalist function and clown music) holding the SFX Entertainment logo (capitalist machinations) in front of a brick wall vandalised with graffitied dollar signs (the sickness that blights the globe), some pound signs (Great Britain's diminished importance in the global financial market) and the letters, EDM (the straw that stirs the shake). You'll agree that it's a very powerful, provocative piece, and I call it, Electronic DUMB Music.

Eat that, Sillerman!