12 Weeks of Techno: Eyes and Ears on the Ground / Week 4 February 03, 2016 09:15

Week 4 of Scuba's 12 Weeks of Techno night at XOYO saw him (Scuba) joined by Ryan Elliott and Kenny Larkin in the Main Room, and Love Glove in Room 2. By all accounts, it was a fucking brilliant night (if you like house, techno and clubbing in London - my dad would have hated it), and I've been literally kicking myself in the brain for not going.

I'll tell you who did go, though; @Lauren_Jade90 off of Twitter. Lauren's Twitter account was randomly selected by my customised FA Cup draw bowl after I clicked Enter on the special 12 Weeks of Techno algorithm I devised with my coder friends in Northolt. Lauren was kind enough to answer my randomly generated questions about her night at the 4th Week of Techno.

Roll VT...

Q. What's your name and where do you come from?
A. My name's Lauren, I'm from Warrington up North (she almost said, "oop North" - Tonka) :) Near Manchester!

Q. What time did you get to XOYO?
A. We got there about 11pm, had a mad rush because we heard 11pm was last entry! Quick pace walking and trying to swig on a decanted vodka on the tube.

Q. What time did you leave?
A, We left at the end and headed to Fabric.

Q. Did you pull?
A. No way. It's never about that when we go out.

Q. Tune of the night?
A. I can't really pick one. There was one track I got really into and I could have sworn there was a dog barking subtly in the background...but that could have just been me.

Q. Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A. You can probably tell by the previous question...hahaha!

Q. Any funny anecdotes from the night?
Probably. The guy we met in the smoking area was funny. He admitted his scene was more R&B nights, and this was his first event of it's kind. I especially loved seeing him around an hour later vigorously fist pumping - I think we have a new techno recruit!

Q. Will you be going along to any of the other Weeks of Techno that Scuba is putting on?
All depends on if we can travel down. I'm absolutely gutted that I won't be there this weekend because I LOVE Nicole Moudaber!! It will be amazing!

What a lovely young lady! If you're ever up near Madchester, go and have a drink with Lauren. Before you go, make sure you grab a pair of maracas, whack a pair of flared jeans on, comb your hair into a 'step' style and wear your fat granddad's old clobber, so you don't get mistaken for a southern softy who wears normal clothes.

This coming week sees Scuba joined in the Main Room by Nicole Moudaber and Fur Coat. In Room 2 all night is one of my favourite LDN party squads, Warm. Tickets are available to buy here...

...or not. I think advance tickets are all sold out, but tickets will be available on the door from 9pm on Saturday night.