Hotflush Tuesday February 09, 2016 09:32

I'd just published yet another touching tribute to Terry Wogan on the Weekly Review of Dance Music when I started to think about my own mortality. "Well, if Terry can go..."

Staring dolefully across at the living room wall, I placed my lukewarm mug of tea down carefully on the arm of the sofa. I still managed to spill a few drops. A few drops tumbled down my cheek from my eyes at the futili...

No, I can't keep writing about the death of Terry Wogan in a cod-Morrissey fashion. This is Hotflush Recordings, for goodness sake. Let's keep the energy up, eh?

How would a proper dance music journalist go about this?

Right. Got some bare mad vibes comin' at ya this week, guys. Tomorrow, there's this crazy raver called Twitter Tom that I'm going to be chattin' with about his night at last weekend's pure fire 12 Weeks of Techno night. He was on it until about six bells on a proper work-out ting to Scuba, Nicole Moudaber and Fur Coat, and he's going to be telling me about how OFF it went.

On Thursday, I don't know what I'm going to be writing about yet. No, hold on, I do; I'm going to be dropping pure fire on your face in the form of a recent Hotflush banger that I literally can't stop popping to. Shit is loopier than a fucking circle, ma bread bin. Check keep them lids peeled on Thursday to find out which Hotflush bomb it is that I'm losing my shit to every day.

On Friday, you have something original flava to get your weekend started with. I'm hittin' up the big man: Paul Woolford aka Special Request aka Hip Therapist to tell me all about how mad happy he is to be guestin' at this coming weekend's 12 Weeks of Techno night (information and tickets available here). I am a slave to Paul Woolford's vibe, so this interview is going to be pure fire and you'd be off your saddle to miss it.

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