Hotflush Thursday - 2 vlog or not 2 vlog February 11, 2016 08:39

I was talking with Shabs from Channel 4 Drugs Live last night about drugs when the doorbell went. It was Postman Pat delivering a massive load of records, CDs and letters. I said, "thanks, mate, but you should have come this morning", and slammed the door in his face so I could carry on talking with Shabs from Channel 4 Drugs Live.

I said, "Shabs, I think what this Hotflush blog needs is one of them video blogs to bring us up to date with the new Millennium, and I know my followers will appreciate putting a face to the words they regularly gobble up like cocks in a gang bang clip."

Shabs said, "Bruv, you're so much more capable than just writing words and uploading them. You should definitely make some videos. The SEO benefits alone should be enough of an incentive!"

I said, "SEO benefits, Shabs? Remind me."

He said, "Bruv, I'm talking YouTube plus Google equals a massive SEO sex orgy sandwich."

I said, "Yes, mate. And if I recorded some vlogs, I'd really connect with my audience and show off my brilliant personality."

He said, "That's what it's all about, bruv. And if you don't have the bottle to appear on camera, I'll fucking step in and read your words for you."

I said, "Well, Shabs, I do suffer from a crippling depression that I hide online with multiple layers of excellent writing and literary jabs at an industry that I'm dying to be properly accepted by. It's a deal."

He said, "Nice one, bruv. Let's talk about some drugs again and we can worry about the video blogs next week or something."

I said, "You always know what to say, Shabs from Channel 4 Drugs Live. I love you."

I'm not telling you what happened after that.

There's an interview on here with Paul Woolford tomorrow, and I'll be making an unannounced appearance on the dancefloor of XOYO on Saturday night for Scuba's 6th week of Techno (information here).