Hotflush Tuesday February 16, 2016 10:05

"I like being cool", I said aloud to myself as I walked across the spooky carpark at the back of Phonica Records to go for a piss. Scuba had just done a DJ set behind the counter and the place was literally buzzing and on fire; pure fire. "If I wasn't Tonka", I thought to myself, "I'd have had to go for a piss in a nearby boozer and miss the start of Lando. Thank God that I'm Tonka: the coolest thing to ever come out of West Bromwich."

Speaking of cool, have you heard Monoloc's new song on that cool record label, Hotflush Recordings? It's so cool that you may remember I gave it a very special 10/10 when I reviewed in on THIS website a couple of weeks ago. Well, it's out in the shops now and I'm here to give it another nudge up the charts by BEGGING you to buy it (available here). Don't just listen to me, though...

"On the strength of its two lead cuts Monoloc is forging an exciting identity for himself"

Not my words, the words of Ben Murphy at XLR8R Magazine.

We're all banging on about how good it is, so just buy it. Please buy it.

Thank you. I'll be back tomorrow with an interview with another 12 Weeks of Techno punter.