Hotflush Thursday February 18, 2016 09:21

I was looking on Resident Advisor yesterday, trying to form a balanced opinion about the state of dance music in 2016. As I scrolled down the front page, I couldn't help but notice a recurring theme throughout the following headlines:

Lucy, Kerri Chandler and Joy Orbison are all men who use fe...

...nah, I made that Kerri Chandler joke in 2011, and loads of boring articles have been written about the wider trend since. I personally couldn't give a shit what a DJ or producer calls themselves as long as they're any good in the studio/behind the decks. And neither should YOU.

I'll be back tomorrow with either an interview with a 12 Weeks of Techno DJ who's playing this weekend (information and tickets here) or a GINORMOUS preview of the night.