Hotflush Monday February 22, 2016 08:09

If you've opened up today's blog thinking that there'd be a Fashion Police bitch-fest about what Scuba was wearing on Saturday night, think again. Most of last Friday's 12 Weeks of Techno preview was made up. It's called creative writing, and it's a long-forgotten skill in dance music magazines. I stand alone...

Now. Call me crazy, but I'm writing Monday's Hotflush daily blog on Sunday morning (!) from my usual street-view window table at Northolt's infamous Cafe Express, which is SMACK BANG in the hustle and bustle of Oldfield Circus. Oldfield Circus is the Northolt equivalent of Piccadilly Circus, or Oxford Circus, and I'm ironically surrounded by clowns today. Across from me sit a couple who are in their late 30s singing quietly, but enthusiastically, along to All The Things She Said by t.A.T.u (it's currently being played on the radio). It's boiling in here, and they're both wearing beanie hats.

Two young, old-looking Polish parents to my side angrily watch their pram-ridden sleeping baby and chomp/smack loudly on fried bread, sausage, eggs and beans with a shared disappointment smashed into their sunken, black eyes I was only able to recognise because, on occasion, I was unfortunate enough to sit opposite my own parents over dinner in the months approaching their eventual break up in 2011. A beautifully chiselled face sits atop the graceful neck of a ripped young writer as he taps with a quiet determination on his white Apple iPad2 whilst furiously sipping tea from a...hold on, that's me in the reflection of the window! *blushed and embarrassed face*

Yes, "to be tired of Oldfield Circus, is to be tired of life", is what Charles Dickens is said to have remarked after he passed through on his way to the football at Rickmansworth in 1852. Such is the immediate, heavy impact that Northolt, and it's hotchpotch of loveable characters with their endearing mannerisms, eccentricities, strengths and regular in and out snap-shot, pop-shot carpetbaggery leaves on creative writers like myself and Mr. Dickens to this day. Know what I mean?

Here's that 12 Weeks of Techno mix by Scuba if you haven't already heard it: