12 Weeks of Techno: Eyes and Ears on the Ground / Week 7 February 24, 2016 07:11

This week's interviewee was dragged out of the Resident Advisor forum undergrowth and booted onto the Hotflush stage, coughing, blinking and rubbing his eyes. Young Sam joins me on our specially constructed 12 Weeks of Techno set before our baying palladium now, so let's all give him a big round of applause...

Sam, everybody! Sam...here he is...give it up!


Q. What's your name and where do you come from?
A. Hi, I'm Sam. I was born in Richmond, brought up in Perugia in Italy, and now live in Richmond again!

Q. What clothes and eau de toilette did you wear for XOYO?
A. Jeans, boots and leather jacket. I tested my new Polo Red as my aftershave du choix.

Q. Did you pull?
A. God no. Not in the state I was in.

Q. Tune of the night?
A. Well, unsurprisingly it had a 4x4 beat and was on the minimal side. 'Doo - doo - d - do - dooo, bop - bap - beep' I can't remember the exact name but I'm sure it was one of Recondite's latest tunes.

Q. Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A. Half-half. Let's just say I was in a good place...

Q. Any funny anecdotes from the night?
A. My partner in crime, Tyrone, was fist-pumping so much I think he's actually ruined the ligaments in his shoulder! My other friend, Travis from Texas, wasn't used to techno but he kept telling everyone around him how "rad" the music was. I'm proud to say that we've converted him.

Q. What time did you leave the club?
A. At closing, obviously.

Q. Will you be going along to any of the other Weeks of Techno?
A. Of course! Unfortunately I missed Nicole Moudaber play so I've gotta make up for it another night. Big up Scuba for a great residency and for the fun session at Phonica the other week!

What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Sam all the very best in his future endeavours and laugh along in spirit with him when Italy demolish Scotland at the rugby this weekend.

After watching the rugby, start getting yourself ready for Saturday night's 12 Weeks of Techno at XOYO. You've got your Scubas, you've got your Matthew Dears, you've got your Anthony Parasoles and you've got your Tessellates in your Room 2s, aintcha?

Information and tickets here.