DJ EZ 4 KING OF ENGLAND February 29, 2016 08:18

When my friend, Vijay, died from sarcoma (a rare form of cancer) in the summer of 2014 after a few years of ultimately futile war with the disease, I was understandably pissed off with cancer in general and a bit confused about life. Vijay was only 31, and he left behind a wife and a little girl, and here I was continuing to write a MASSIVE load of bollocks about dance music every week for the world famous Weekly Review of Dance Music and Ran$om Note. Why bother with anything so flippant as writing about DJs and dance music producers when there are serious, real life things happening so close, eh?

I still think a little like that because, honestly; club culture is absolutely fucking ridiculous when you look at it properly, isn't it?

Well, it is and it isn't.

- What?

DJ EZ raised well over £50,000 and counting this weekend for Cancer Research (not ridiculous) by playing a 24 hour DJ set in front of the Boiler Room cameras to an unseen crowd of what sounded like about eight nosey parkers (ridiculous). He played a continuous stream of UK 2-Step Garage for an entire technical day (a bit ridiculous). DJ EZ was still dancing, prancing, giving shout-outs, DOING DJ TRICKS AND SPINBACKS and bigging up Spurs well into the 21 hours mark (mental).

I didn't watch all of it, but I watched a couple of hours on Saturday night, and I had it on for most of the day on Sunday until the end. Not once did I see him eat or drink. Not once did I see him go for a piss or a shit. Not once did I see him even attempt to remove his glued-on baseball cap (absolutely fucking ridiculous). He raised a ton of wonga for Cancer Research (not ridiculous) by doing something a bit ridiculous.

Either way, it was a Herculean effort and totally fucking brilliant, and after he'd finished I genuinely missed having him around the house for the rest of the night.

Coincidentally, or maybe it was Vijay's spirit saying hello to me, DJ EZ played Three Little Birds by Bob Marley as his closer. In 2014, that was the song that played in the crematorium as we said our final goodbye, except it was the original; not a UK 2-Step Garage remix.