Hotflush Monday March 07, 2016 07:51

Back once again for the renegade master, one two dummy with the ill behaviour.
Back once again for the renegade master, one two dummy and the powder people.

Bish bash bosh. I fucking love dance music with lyrics in, always have done. Back when I started clubbing at Sundissential in the late 90s, you couldn't move in the main room for hard house songs with lyrics in them. They were fucking riddled with lyrics. The lyrics were usually about letting go, coming on, jumping to the beat, getting loose, systems pumping, dreams, imagination, escaping through the universe and exposing white collar crime...

I thought that, in 2016, dance music with lyrics had died a death (please don't contact me to blow loads of holes in that idea), but I was wrong (see). Ahead of the new album they're going to release in April 2016 on THIS record label, Sepalcure brought out an EP called Fight For Us a few months back, and it's still in the shops if you want to buy it. The title track features the singing voice of Rochelle Jordan and has loads of lyrics in it! The lyrics are, I think, from the perspective of the other half of a splitting up couple who doesn't really want to split up...despite their better judgement! We've all been there, ladies and gentlemen.

The other track on the EP, Music 4 All, has lyrics, but I haven't got a clue what they are. Sounds like it might be, "Sepalcure, Sepalcure, Sepalcure", over and over again with loads of vocoder effects on it. Both tracks are brilliant, and you should definitely buy them from the Hotflush Recordings website (this one) here. As I said earlier, their new album will be out in the shops in April on HOTFLUSH RECORDINGS...THE best record label in the world.

Bish bash bosh.