Hotflush Tuesday March 08, 2016 08:16

To the blinkered and bog-brained, yesterday's post might have simply looked like a plug for a Hotflush song on the back of a few more crow-barred references to hard house and Sundissential for the eyes of an audience who a) hate hard house and b) couldn't give a fucking shit about Sundissential. LOLoutLOUD. How wrong, blinkered and bog-brained!

Yesterday's post was, in fact, a trial-run for my brand new catchphrase, "bish bosh bash". It didn't go down very well with test audiences though, so I've canned it. I'll think of another and introduce it before the end of this week.

Anyway, I'm preparing for a stag do in Edinburgh this weekend, ladies and gentlemen. I'm very excited.

- Why, Tonka?

- Well, I heard that Prosumer lives in Edinburgh now.

- So?

- I read last night that he makes delicious apple pies.

- So?

- Apple pie is my favourite pudding.

- Tonka, you told me last week that your favourite pudding was apple crumble.

- I know, but if I tell the truth and use apple crumble in today's post none of this will really tie together or make as much sense.

- Ok, mate.

Right. THAT is how you write a blog post, kids. What a post!


Come on.

I'll be back tomorrow with an interview with someone who went to XOYO at the weekend for 12 Weeks of Techno and had a Scuba set in one ear, a whistle crew in the other.