It Looks Like We're Coming To The End (Of The Road) March 21, 2016 08:10

I'm writing today's post with the song, It Looks Like We're Coming To The End (Of The Road) by Boyz II Men in my head. It's a sad song, ladies and gentlemen. Fucking sad. It's so sad. Let me tell you.

A lot of people think that It Looks Like We're Coming To The End (Of The Road) is a song about the end of a polyandrous relationship between four different R&B singers (Boyz II Men) and their girlfriend (unnamed), who the Boyz are all upset about because she's out cheating on all four of them all the time. Why they thought she'd ever stay monogamous in a polyandrous relationship is beyond me, but it's still a good pop song. Look:

It's not a song about breaking up with a saucy bird though, and no, it's not a song about heroin; it's actually a song about the end of an incredibly popular and hugely successful nightclub residency in the Boy'z hometown of Philadelphia in the early 1990s, which, in a way, is why this song is in my head whilst I write this long-drawn-out, loquacious and unnecessarily wordy post because Scuba's incredibly popular and hugely successful XOYO residency is almost at the end of its road and all!

Yes, Nina Kraviz helped Scuba bring down the penultimate night of the 12 Weeks of Techno with a DJ set I'm not able to properly review on here because I wasn't there. Somebody will tell us about it on Wednesday, I reckon.

Ugh. Fuck me, I can't tell if this post was MASSIVE thumbs up or thumbs smashed with a MASSIVE hammer.