Hotflush Tuesday March 22, 2016 09:46

Yesterday afternoon, Scuba announced on his Facebook page that Skee Mask is going to be doing a solo set at this weekend’s 12th Week of Techno; the final Week of Techno. He didn’t, however, reveal who he’s going to be going b2b with except to say that they are, "good friends (who) will remain nameless until the doors open". Scuba kept that one under his baseball cap, no, not baseball cap; it’s Tiga who wears the baseball cap, sorry. Tiga is on down XOYO after next week for his etc, etc.

Where was I? Yeah. Who is Scuba going back to back with on his final night of techno? I had a walk down to Oldfield Circus to see what Ladbrokes have plastered all over their windows:

Who is Scuba Going Back to Back with on his Final Night of Techno?

Nina Kraviz - 11/2 evens

Skee Mask - 2/3

Trevino - 11/1 going to fair

Jon of the Pleased Wimmin - 6/9 on

George Fitzgerald - 16/5

DJ Barely Legal - 15/1 fair

Tasker - 4/8 (no, he’s going b2b with Jack Haighton all night in Room 2)

Tonka - 14/7 outside

DJ Pete - 20/6

Dave Clarke - 12/3

Allister Whitehead - 4/8

DJ Zomby - 7/4 fav

Brandon Block - 45/5

I could go on, but that list and idea was getting progressively less funny and I've run out of steam now. Whoever Scuba ends up DJing with, it's going to be a fucking brilliant night and I'm sure it'll be a fitting end to what has been a top, top residency. I do still mither about what'll happen to the Techno after next week though, bless it.

Info and stuff here.

Come back tomorrow when I interview YET ANOTHER attractive woman about her night down XOYO for last weekend's 11th Week of Techno...