Hotflush Tuesday March 29, 2016 09:55

I'm so stuck for things to write about now that Scuba isn't doing a weekly residency anywhere. I just had a look on Resident Advisor to see what Scuba gig I can plug for this weekend, but it says that he's not playing anywhere until 13 May (!). I was alright yesterday; I managed to write a whole bit about how much I hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhate the royal family because I grew up in a working class area of the West Midlands, and then tacked on a bit about how I now live in London and am pitching ideas to The Guardian. LOLoutLOUD.

You'll know that if you read yesterday's post though, won't you?

I don't know. Hopefully, this week there'll be a good interview with someone who went to EVERY Week of Techno over the last 12 weeks, I'll try my hardest to make a good video for Thursday, and on Friday we can rock out to the latest sounds from Hotflush (I'll post a YouTube clip to Warg and maybe do a little review or something). I don't know.

What you've just read is online content, ladies and gentlemen.