12 Weeks of Techno: Eyes and Ears on the Ground / Week 12 March 30, 2016 09:04

I thought about interviewing an attractive female punter about their night out down XOYO last Saturday night, but I got waylaid in the Easter excitement and didn't email Holly Mason in time. Thankfully, an attractive man who's attended every single Week of Techno was able to step in at late notice and help me out with delivering some content.

Paul Rose not only attended every Week of Techno, he also provided the music at every Week of Techno because he was the resident DJ at the 12 Weeks of Techno residency at XOYO because Paul Rose is Scuba...aka Paul Rose (Scuba)!

We caught up over a few cheeky beers on email. Here's the transcript:

Q. Did you enjoy your 12 Weeks of Techno?
A. It was everything I could have wished for and so much more.

Q. What was your favourite Week of Techno?
A. Impossible to pick one. But I did enjoy playing all night on Week 1 and the chaotic nature of Week 12.

Q. What clothes and eau de toilette did you wear for the residency - or did you mix it up every week?
A. A very narrow selection of black t-shirts combined with the full repertoire of eau de toilettes.

Q. Did you pull on any of the nights?
A. As a gentleman, naturally, I cannot talk about this.

Q. Tune of the residency?
A. The only tracks that got played at every one were Recondite - Warg and my remix of Audion - Mouth To Mouth.

Q. Stone cold sober or absolutely fucking terminated?
A. Over the twelve weeks there was a range of inebriation as wide as the selection of cologne.

Q. Any funny anecdotes from the residency?
A. During the last night, the Co2 cannon made it's second appearance of the series, but somehow got stuck on causing extreme panic and a strong sense of imminent death from exploding gas canister...

...luckily, Rob (the lighting guy) fixed it just in time. The ravers didn't know how close they came to being cut to ribbons by flying shards of metal.

Q. What now happens to the Techno after you've gone?
A. It's all downhill from here, I'm afraid. 

Q. It says on RA that your next gig is in mid-May. Have you taken a month and a bit off because you're fucking knackered after all them weeks of Techno, or have bookers just forgot that you're now able to play Saturday nights outside of XOYO?
A. Actually, I'm off to South America in a couple of weeks time (dates are here: po.st/ScubaGigs), I do have another couple of weeks off after I get back. I won't be sleeping though, sleeping's for suckers.

Q. Do you have any words of advice you want to pass on to the DJ who's taking over the next 12 weeks at XOYO?
A. Pack a flack jacket in the booth in case Rob doesn't make it to the gas canister in time.

What a lovely young man! Please join me in wishing Scuba all the very best for his life after #12WeeksOfTechno and continue to get behind all of his future endeavours because - and I'm not just saying this because he's the gaffer here - he's fucking brilliant and a lot more fun to read about than DJs like CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS, especially when he's banging on about CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS on Twitter and making piss-poor online magazines like CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS come over all CONTENT REMOVED BY HOTFLUSH LAWYERS.

I'll be back tomorrow like Mr Tumble with Something Special.