Hotflush April Fools Day April 01, 2016 09:30

There's literally NOTHING to look forward to this weekend because, and I swear that this is the last time I'll chew on this bit of meat, there is NO Week of Techno to look forward to! Don't rock up outside XOYO tomorrow night expecting to see Scuba and some of his techno mates because you'll be SEVERELY disappointed.

I don't even know where Scuba is this weekend. If I had to guess where he is in order to create a bit of online content for this website, I'd say he's back home in Berlin, celebrating April Fools Day with some of his techno mates, everyone playing tricks on one another. LOLoutLOUD. I'm just picturing George Fitzgerald and Nicole Moudaber playing Piggy in the Middle, chucking Scuba's 3.5mm audio jack over his head to one another. All light-hearted, of course; Scuba'll get his audio jack back eventually - and he knows it.

If I were to take that thought one step further, I'd imagine Scuba kicking the underside of Kowton's mattress from his bottom bunk and whispering that he's just seen a mouse scurry across the bedroom floor. I'm now imagining the smirk on Scuba's face as Kowton hesitantly patrols the laminate floor on tiptoes, gripping a broomstick, before Scuba can't help himself anymore and breaks out into peals of uncontrollable laughter at the April Fool he's made of his techno mate.

It's these kinds of thoughts that prevent me slipping back inside of my own, dormant mental illness and very real depression.