Hotflush Tuesday April 05, 2016 09:30

Today's Hotflush Tuesday is all about, hold on, let's have a look in the news. Hang on a minute...

Let's talk about the Panama Papers. No, it's boring.

Err, Jeremy Corbyn has been asked to headline Glastonbury 2016. I love #JezWeCan as much as anyone, but there's fuck all content I can drag out of that story on a Hotflush Recordings website (check out this Friday's Tonka's Week though - I write a lot more politically on there, so I'll probably talk about Jezza then).

Tata Steel Crisis in Wales. It says nothing to me about my life.

Antonio Conte is the new Chelsea manager. I only care about West Bromwich Albion, lads.

And that's the news. Join me again tomorrow when I'll be reviewing the papers, having a massive argument with Anna Soubry and saying things like, "it's not often I can sit here and agree with Nigel Farage, Nick Griffin, that weird-looking Tory cunt with the shit wig and Tommy Robinson, but in this instance I have to back them up when they say MP Anna Soubry MP tuts and rolls her eyes too much for anyone normal, and that if we don't all Brexit immediately, we as a nation are definitely going to die of terror.........ism."


Only joking. I'll probably write about how brilliant dance music is compared to the boring old news.

Now, to play us out today is a young man with a lot of promise. He's called Jack Haighton, and he's here to crush our minds out with a smashing, brand new number called 12 Weeks Mix. Look: