Snakes and Ladders April 11, 2016 09:45

"One minute, life throws you down the back of a snake, and the other (minute), you're pulling yourself up a ladder, smirking and tutting, wondering what all the fuss was about the minute before when you were falling down a snake. And at the end, you get to the end and you can start it all again whether you win or lose, but using a different coloured cone if you want. In some ways, you might say, my life as a Buddhist is EXACTLY like that game: Snakes and Ladders."

I told a group of revellers that after we'd all finished scratching the backs of one another's heads and smiling into each other's eyes. It's amazing how deep and philosophical I can get after my seventh pill. I took another snort of Liquid Gold off of the Spanish post-graduate lad I was pretending to be impressed by and fucked off back to watch Raymundo Rodriquez.

I like Jaded at Corsica Studios, but after I'd sobered up last night, I decided that I actually hated the people I was telling that Snakes and Ladders theory to.

Jaded is on next Sunday and all. It's on every fucking Sunday morning until the very end of time, I think.