Tonka's Hotflush Video Blog / Number 8 April 14, 2016 09:30

No. Sorry. There isn't one today, ladies and gentlemen.

- Why, Tonka?

- Because I forgot until it was too late.

- Did you really forget, Tonka?

- Yes, mate.

- Only, I've noticed a real downturn in quality recently with these vlogs. It's almost like you're starting to get found out in this format as a bit fucking basic, Tonka.

- What do you mean?

- Well, Tonka, you started really badly, but you then delivered two high-quality, original vlogs in a row a few weeks ago and maybe you started thinking you were better at vlogs than you actually are.

- I don't know, mate. Which ones were good?

- This one

and this one

- Yeah, LOLoutLOUD. they were quite good, those ones.

- Absolutely, Tonka. Ok, the numbers aren't great compared to a lot of the other content on the Hotflush channel, but you're up against proper records with an audience who might not necessarily be that into what you're doing on the blog, or know who you are, or care.

- Do you think I should stick to writing?

- No, don't give up, Tonka. Have a rest this week and get your thinking cap back on. Come back with a few stronger vlog ideas.

- Do you think that cardboard Shepherd mask is doing me any favours?

- Look, don't worry about how you look, just have a proper re-think about your whole vlog series and come back with something people will actually want to watch and share. The last couple of vlogs have been fucking horrendous. Your writing is solid, but the execution of some of these vlogs leaves a lot to be desired, Tonka. They've been half-hearted, frankly, and remember that you're up against websites and vloggers like...

- Oh, fuck off.

Here's Peanuts by George Dawes: