Record Store Day 201666 April 18, 2016 09:30

Happy Record Shops, everyone! Did he come? Did Father Records burst through your kitchen windows and deliver loads of records on Record Shop Day? He did? Brilliant. He smashed my back doors in, too, and left me a load of fresh wax. I fucking cleaned up this year, ladies and gentlemen.

Hang on a minute. There isn't a Father Records, is there? Record Store Day is missing a fucking marketing trick. It needs a mythical figurehead and personification that we can all identify with and celebrate. Somebody we can splash all over cans of cola and stuff. So, before I get on with today's proper post and let you know the pick of the records I got my fingers on this weekend, I'm going to propose that the following image be the one used by all on Records Shop Day from 2017:


Right. If you Follow me on Twitter or Like me on Facebook, you'll know that I went down the Northolt Record Shop on Northolt Road on Saturday morning to catch the buzz of #RSD2016. Northolt was literally on fire through excitement. Everyone out buying records and talking about records and banging on about records on their social media timelines. It was fucking brilliant. Apparently, Regis did a surprise 'vinyl only' set down the Northolt Harvester, but because everyone was out buying records and his set wasn't advertised, nobody was there to actually see him play.

Here's three of the best records, out of the many hundreds I bought on Record Shops Day 2016:

Boxer - Below The Belt

What a sleeve! Know what I mean, lads? Fucking look at that cover and tell me you're not twitching a bit. I've not listened to this record because I don't think that it's a dance music album, but look at the cover. I'm going to have a lot of fun whipping my sledgehammer out and CONTENT REMOVED BY THE HOTFLUSH ETHICS AND DECENCY DEPARTMENT. And I don't mind paying for the extra bog roll, I'll tell you that. Winking smiley face.

Tony De Vit - The Dawn

This one is definitely dance music. It's a rare Tony De Vit cut from his posthumously released LP, Livin' It Large, Livin' It Big, Livin' 4 Eva, Livin' 4 Da Beat on Tidy Trax in 1998. This track has got it all; a high BPM, a bouncing bassline that only appears in between the beats, loads of snare rolls and quite a few uplifting pad sounds during the build-up in the middle.

It's the kind of record only Tony could have made, bless him.

Norin - Ser Aurora Från Sofiero

Ibiza legends, Norin, are back with a slice of mad Balearic bliss straight out of the 90s playbook for peak time Spanish belting, only this time it's in 2016 and WE are the punters lapping it up; not your cool aunty and uncle. Who's with me? Good.

I picked this record up in the dance section of the Northolt Record Shop, and I'm glad I did because it's a limited edition vinyl release that I can't wait to play at home whilst looking at that Boxer sleeve with my trousers around my ankles.

That was my Record Store Day round-up. I hope you enjoyed reading it. What cool records did YOU pick up on #RSD2016?

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