Sledgehammer: Parts I & II April 19, 2016 09:30

Part I

If you've read every post since I started this blog in January, you'll know that I've used hundreds of different words, maybe even thousands, in millions of combinations.

Now, interestingly, if you read my Record Store Day Special yesterday, you'll notice that when I use the word, "sledgehammer", to describe my penis in the bit about me masturbating over a record sleeve, you hear a little bell ring every time you run your eyes over it (the word, "sledgehammer"). That's because I've now used every word in the dictionary at least once in the three and a half months I've been writing for Hotflush.

"Sledgehammer" was the only word I hadn't used yet, so I concocted an entire post about pretending to be interested in Record Store Day just to crowbar in the word, "sledgehammer", and complete Scuba's Hotflush Dictionary Challenge.

Anyway, that's what that little bell noise is when you read the word, "sledgehammer", on yesterday's post.

I swear down that there's no other daily dance blog like this on the internet.

Part II

#TonkaTrivia - What you didn't know about my working practise is that I listen to Expansions by Sigha at the end of every night, right after I've typed, 'Tx', and set the publishing date of the following day's post to 9.30am the following day. After I've listened to this, I go to bed and start thinking about what I'm going to write the following night.

So, you're reading today's post on Tuesday morning, but I actually started visualising it in bed on Sunday night, shortly after I finished yesterday's post.

How cosmic is that?

Why not purchase the 2011 compilation that this track is from, BACK AND 4TH, from here?

I need to go to bed now and think about Wednesday.