Ryan Elliott Has Done Fabric 88 April 20, 2016 09:30

In the news this week, it was reported that 12 Weeks of Techno alumnus, Ryan Elliott, has reported for duty (DJed) on the 88th Fabric CD, fabric 88. It's released on Friday 17 June, and if you're not excited for it, you must be a bit fucking simple.

The tracklist looks ace. You've got your Robert Hoods on it, and your DVS1s, and your DJ Skulls, but what really whetted my appetite was a track by Black Boxx and a remix of a Steve O'Sulivan and Ben Sims song by UK Gold, whose Nuclear Shower track famously appeared TWICE on the same CD when Tony De Vit mixed the Tokyo edition of Global Underground.

Whether the Black Boxx track on Ryan Elliott's Fabric mix will be anywhere near as good as Ride On Time remains to be seen, but I trust Ryan's judgement when it comes to a mix CD (ch-check this one out).

Here are the tracks I've been BANGING on about in today's post: