Victoria Wood April 21, 2016 09:30

On this week's celebrity death post, we're looking at Victoria Wood; a famous British comedian who died yesterday at the age of 62. Honestly, every week in 2016 we're getting at least one celebrity death. Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool has never seen so many floating bodies in the water. It's buzzing.

I've not got a great deal to say about Victoria Wood, other than to say my receptionist sister, Katy, served her in a Belgravia hair loss clinic a couple of years ago. According to Katy, Victoria Wood was "bad-mannered" and "unnecessarily rude" to her.

Needless to say, Katy had the last laugh.

I thought Victoria Wood was quite funny on the telly though. Here's some of her best bits:

No, hang on a minute. Fuck me. I've just seen that Chyna from the WWF has stopped being alive, and all! She was brilliant in the wrestling and sometimes brilliant in porn. 9 Wrestler Gangbang: Queen of the Ring is a rare highlight. Honestly, Doug Stanhope's Celebrity Death Pool is going to be the only place any of us can see a celebrity if 2016 carries on the way it's been going. Most of my favourite wrestlers are dead now, anyway. I think Sergeant Slaughter is still going though, and the Million Dollar Man is definitely still alive.

Here's a nice video of Chyna with pics of her WWF stuff instead of Victoria Wood:

I'll be back tomorrow with a dance music post.