Fun Time Friday April 22, 2016 08:25

Err. Today's post is going to look fucking stupid now. Prince died yesterday, and I've not had the time to re-write all this. Oh well...hopefully this post will cheer us all up.

Take it away...

LOLoutLOUD. Have you ever noticed how much the pop singer, Craig David, looks like his namesake, the unemployed football manager, David Moyes? LOL.

PMSL. Have a read of this hysterical joke I found on the internet. I Googled, 'nightclub jokes', especially for this Fun Time Friday post and my sides have not stopped splitting since! LOL.

ROFLOFL. Do you remember when pills cost about fifty quid, but just doing a half would keep you buzzing and rushing for at least 72 hours? LOL

. Ralph walks into a nightclub. He gets himself a drink and double-drops a couple of pingers. Half an hour later, he walks up to the most beautiful woman in the club.

He says, "Alright, love? Fancy a dance? I'll be coming up any minute now." She says, "No thanks. You've just shat your trousers."

It turns out Ralph had picked up his granddad's laxative tablets on the way out by mistake!

He also had sever diarrhoea caused by drinking too much coffee that day, and eating an underdone sausage sandwich that his nan had made him for lunch. LOL.

LOLLYCOPTER. How about this for a viral meme?!?? LOL.



R.I.P. Prince.